Built for Developers

Easy to setup, Easy to use

Simply require the Datum JS API and store data securely with a single line of code

Pay only for what you use

Data stored is charged by amount stored and amount transferred. Testnet usage is free.

Data Store and Data Market

Use just the Datum data store or optionally monetize data through the Datum Data Marketplace
Require Datum Data Store for your DApp
npm install datum-sdk --save

Simple Set, Get, Remove API
const Datum = require('datum-sdk');

var datum = new Datum();

    privateKey : identityUser.privateKey // users private key
    developerPublicKey : identityDeveloper.publicKey // developers public key

datum.set('test@example.com', 'EMAIL')
.then(hash => {
    //returns the hash / unique id of data

.then(result => {

.then(result => {

Datum Network

A distributed network of Storage Nodes that store your data, all data is encrypted and Storage Nodes have no knowledge of the data they store. Access and Sales of Data is audited and logged through the Datum Blockchain.

Encrypted Securely

Data is encrypted with a symmetric key using AES256 cipher, proxy re-encryption coming soon.

Fast, Low Latency

Fast data access by retrieval of data by direct connection to Storage Nodes.

Fueling Service

Option to fuel transactions (pay Gas cost) for end-users so they do not require ETH/DAT upfront.

Reward Users

Monetize data and reward users for sharing their data by returning a cut of data sales to them.

Datum for Enterprise

Datum's secure storage technology and transparent, auditable exchange protocol make it easy for enterprises to leverage their internal data while staying compliant.

Get Started

To discuss how Datum can help evolve your enterprise, contact us to schedule a call and demo.